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IP Rights Investigators & Investigation Services in Prague

The need of IP investigations in Prague is felt by many individual and organizations working out to develop their intellectual properties and wants to secure these properties against the unavoidable risks of counterfeiting of branded products and services growing uncontrollably all over the places in the city. The uncontrolled rise of counterfeiting is putting a question on the security major rights held by the brand owners which are considered on risk and getting challenged due to various reasons and most of them want to get rid of such kind of activities by utilizing the perfect processes of our IP investigation services in Prague, chiefly offered by our professionals, having great ways to enhance protection to your brands.

Our IP investigators in Prague are working with advanced technology to deal with IP issues related to copyrights and Trademark problems. The vigilant and superior processes offered by our observant are effectively utilized in finding the problematic areas with the possibilities of having an improvement where we go at length in providing the finest answer of related problems.

Our IP services are mentioned below:

IP Acquisition Services in Prague

  • Domain Name Purchases
  • Company Name Purchases
  • Trade Mark Purchases

IP Audit Services in Prague

  • Factory Auditing Services
  • Brand Integrity Audit Services

IP Audit Services in Prague

  • Internet survey and monitoring services
  • Market Monitoring Services in Prague
  • Trade Fair Monitoring

IP Investigations in Prague

  • Trademark, Copyright, Design and Patent Infringement Investigations
  • Parallel Trade Investigations
  • Gray Market investigations
  • Counterfeiting / Infringement Investigations
  • Market Surveys in Prague
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence in Prague
  • IP Litigations Support Investigations
  • Geographical Indication Investigations

Customs Protection in Prague

  • Law Enforcements Services in Prague
  • Conduct and organize criminal/civil seizures

IP Attorney Services in Prague

  • Co-ordination /Awareness/training campaigns
  • Vendor Information
  • Service of Cease & Desist Notices

Other IP investigation

  • IP Sample/Test Purchases in Prague

Beside above mentioned services for the great use of people, we are having the expertise in providing the special program on IP investigation which are describes below of the effective use of people:

MARKET WATCH PROGRAMME: The main aim of our Market Watch Programs are to impart advanced processes of IP investigations in order to gather important information on the trading and sale of infringed products by conducting Market surveys in order to confirm presence of counterfeit of your brands in all the various market of Prague. This is supplied to support you for accomplishing the mission where you can get the comprehensive information to ascertain the available fake product of your brand. Our programs are effective in providing current market trends through effective survey to get an idea about the sale and distribution of infringed products. This program are offered at the advanced level of investigations where you needs to have law enforcement actions and effective raids to confiscate the infringe products or services. Our IP investigators provide these services only on special request and arbitrarily execute the tasks by visiting to all discount shops at set interval of time for providing latest updates to confirm the sale or distribution of infringed product of your brand.

Our dedicated work and sincerity have paid us a lot in building the great castle to win over entire conditions to increase the reliability and trust among people by delivering perfect IP investigations in Prague. We proceed with great ideology to protect the IP`s of this place against unlawful attempt to bring the counterfeit products and services. For getting our services in the parts of Prague, contact us on

IP rights Investigation service Prague