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Process Servers & Serving Docuemnts in Prague

Taking a process service in Prague has been made easy by applying the dynamic skills of our process servers who are acting the powerful source with great applications for serving documents in Prague. This is analyzed as the prime needs and urgency to serve all type of legal documents and judicial papers of the clients in various parts of Prague. People can use the process services in Prague to have the excellent results in serving wide variety of notices, complains, summons, petitions, court orders and much more of urgent natures which demands the great works with perfection to get the speedy solution of all legal needs.

The great work Prague process servers is echoed through their consistent processes greatly utilized for providing wide variety of process services in all the regions of this city by covering entire needs the people through the fabulous activities of process service. Our process servers in Prague offer best forecast on the possibilities of getting a quality process services which can utilized for serving documents in Prague for getting the faster litigation supports for vital personal or business. The documents which can be served by using our process services are described below, some of the all illustrated below:

Family Documents in Family courts: These are mainly family related document covers divorce papers and child custody documents served for the personal process service in the federal magistrate’s court to resolve family issues.

Personal Process Service: The personal process service includes Summons, Petitions, Notices, Subpoena, Applications, and complaints etc. which are served with the purpose to mitigate personal issues.

Professional Process Service: It relates to professional document of any corporate which needs the solution of professional matters which mainly consists of Complaints, Claims and Subpoenas, injunctions and similar things for superior service.

Skip Tracing Service: The main features of these services are to offer the specialized process services to all those who want to serve the papers for a person who is missing with no trace. We provide the whereabouts and trace of the person for the purpose of process service.

Other than above mentioned works, we are rendering the services of some of the other crucial process service needs:

  • Bankruptcy or winding up petitions
  • Court Orders
  • Litigation, Issuing and filling at the court
  • Serving other judicial and extra judicial paper in civil and Business matter
  • All Insolvency Act related documents
  • Orders to Attend Court for Questioning
  • Suspended Committal Orders
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Notice Seeking Possession & Possession Order
  • Freezing Order

Affidavits of Service/Notary Public Service: This affidavits/notary is the proof of process service sworn in by the Court Registrar and delivered after the services provider after the successful completion of service. The notary public services have higher prices than the affidavits.

Our methods are based on genuine grounds which takes the goods account of problem to analyze the gravity of situation to have quick and easy results. Our innovative skills and linguistic capabilities are assisted us in giving the good results. For using our services in Prague, contact us on

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